Straight Up. Stone Cold.

  • A few nights ago I had a conversation with my adopted brother. He’s
    not my actual family’s adopted brother – we just adopted one another.
    Like how the Bible says of Johnathan and David “And their souls were
    knit together”. True kinship and spiritual friendship. He’s one of a
    few friends I have like this in my life and when you get several
    friends like this – male, female, old or young – you know that God has
    truly blessed you.

    This friend, however, is the type of friend I believe every person
    should have in their lives because he speaks Truth – no punches, no
    innuendos, no hesitation. In fact, if I had to give him a nickname it
    would be:

    First name: Stone
    Last name: Cold

    He is a straight up, stone cold hustler for the Lord. If I had to
    describe him with a scripture it would be Matthew 21:12-13, where
    Jesus flipped the tables and chairs over on the merchants because they
    were selling in the temple courts. That’s right…Jesus set it off! He
    was stone cold, straight up about his father’s business. Yes, he was
    kind and merciful and healed wounded people. But he was not playing
    around when it came to God’s business.

    I thank God for my friends who get stone cold with me – with love. It
    reminds me why I’m here and who I represent.

  • 2 thoughts on “Straight Up. Stone Cold.

    1. Lol I can not believe you Just put me out there like that sis. You are wrong for that but I still love little sister. I just you want you to know have been a blessing to my life.

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