Laughing at the future

  • There are 3 things in life that fascinate me. People who get married young and have many – like, more than 3 – children (because it’s beautiful), football (because I just don’t get it), and the Proverbs 31 woman (because who wouldn’t be fascinated with her?).

    The Proverbs 31 woman has it going on! Out of all the things this woman can do and does, the fact that she laughs at the future is the best of all. To laugh at the future, you have to be prepared. As a person, there’s no way you can know what life will bring you. But you can certainly be prepared for the worst and prepare yourself for the best opportunities. That’s why she’s so confident. She knows she can roll with any punches, talk to any type of person and dress for any occasion. Me talking about how to dress for an ocassion is not me just “being a woman”. Stop and think about how you wouldn’t get the job you applied for because the interviewer during your interview saw your suit and wondered “Gee…I wonder what else she/he just doesn’t get?”

    God laughs too. Maybe because He already knows everything and the things He watches us do…well, they’re just funny in light of what He knows compared to what we don’t know. I’m sure certain things are not funny to Him. But I’m also certain that many things are. It’s wonderful to know God is laughing with you when you know you’re prepared for whatever life brings. He will cry with you. He will pick you up when you’ve been knocked down. He will love you. He will be there when no one else is. Let Him laugh with you too. Then sit back and watch His plan unfold.

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