• When Whitney Houston died, I was sad and disappointed because I expected more. I don’t mean that in a judmental way at all. I didn’t know Ms. Houston personally and I believe no one has the right to talk about her as though they knew her personally when they didn’t. But I truly did love Whitney Houston the singer and actress. And I had great compassion for Whitney Houston the person when I saw her last interview with Oprah.

    I saw a person. A person that God created. She was so real about where she was and had been in her life and I respected that. So when I finally read that she was starring in  Sparkle, I was overjoyed. Then I read that she died. Then came all the blog commentaries and tabloid gossip columns. Which is why I didn’t want to write about it. I didn’t want to just jump on a bandwagon.

    But I do want to say that like most 80’s babies and little girls, I adored Ms. Houston. To the point that I recorded my 7-year-old, tone-deaf self singing “Greatest Love of All” with all the theatrics I believed Ms. Houston acted out on the video. Yep. But now as a woman, I mourn for the loss of Ms. Houston the woman. No matter what anyone tries to say about her, I believe her light shined bright for the world to see. She did what God created her to do. How many people can say goodbye to this world knowing they did what God sent them here to do? Yes, her light was bright. So it’s not so hard for me to say goodbye. I’ll just let her memory remind me to let my light shine bright too.

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