• When I was a little girl, Easter meant candy curls, big frilly dresses and easter eggs. Anybody who knows what candy curls are…you know you sit for half a Saturday to get them “done” when you don’t have a relaxer, and then they disappear when your hair reverts back after 2 hours of sitting in church. The big frilly dress meant no playing, no sitting on anything but a chair or church pew. And the easter egg hunt was the highlight of the day. It was obvious to me that Easter was a big deal. Now that I’m an adult, I know it’s more than just a big deal. It’s proof that God is alive. It’s proof that God loves us. If you know anything about God, and anything about us…you know it’s almost inimaginable. But He does and He chooses to live inside us…all around us…right in front of us. His love and power and greater than the grave. His power can resurrect anything and anyone.

    I’m not sure why but this Easter I thought about how far God has brought me. I can say I’ve had a good life and that I’ve been blessed. I see His resurrection power in my life. I am loved because God LIVES!

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