Life is in session

I watched a movie called The Switch and Jennifer Anniston’s character said something that is very true. “Life is in session”. She was going to achieve her goal whether her friend agreed or not and that was her response.  I loved it. Because life really is in session.

Oprah knows it is too. And I’m enjoying these life classes on her network. Anything that feeds the right spirit in me – I can get with.

I’ve heard some arguments that Christians shouldn’t adhere to secular or “secularized” teachings about life principles. I don’t agree unless it just takes God completely out of the picture and you can’t find a biblical principle to support it. I love listening to Oprah because her message not only inspires me but it challenges me to put what she says into a biblical perspective. And I think the body of Christians as a whole can actually build a better case for Christ by listening to what the world is saying. I realized when I watched her class with T.D. Jakes, that this is how you reach people where they are. By hearing what they’re saying – really saying – and then drawing them in.

I love learning (maybe not technical things like science and math, but pretty much anything else). But sometimes life drains your energy and it’s all you can do to make it through the day. And honestly, I’ll take true encouragement wherever God will give it to me. But life is in session and I don’t want to miss it!


2 thoughts on “Life is in session

  1. Even the most devoted religious sect can benefit from secular teachings. For example, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

    Afi, Life is in session. Enjoy it while it last.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. God bless

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