Okay, God…Seriously?!

So before you think I’m promoting being disrespectful to God, let me first say that God knows what you feel and think before you ever say it. And if you’re real and honest, chances are if you believe in God you’ve thought this before – maybe not the same exact words, but you’ve probably wondered where He is or what He could possibly be doing. Life is hard. Some days are easier than others, but living in this world is not easy. Even the person who smiles all the time has terrible days and faces seemingly impossible circumstances.

Have you ever felt like Job? You know God exists, you know He is good, you know He loves everybody, you’ve been faithful to the best of your ability…so how do you explain your life falling apart? And I’m not talking about how you lost that promotion to so-and-so who you can’t stand and who you’re convinced is incompetent. I’m talking about getting a bad report from the doctor – think along the lines of “you’ll have this for the rest of your life/you only have a few months to live/you’ll be in and out of the hospital for rest of your life/you need chemo if you want to live”. You lose several people you love around the same time. Nothing is going right at home or work, even though you work like a dog. Your friends and family are convinced you brought it on yourself and have no encouraging words and fail to help you. People who think they know you are ripping your character to shreds. You lose a home or a job. Imagine a series of things like this happening together over an extended period of time.

What do you do? It’s easy to lose faith. It’s easy to forget the dreams and goals you have. It’s easy to believe God doesn’t love you and has abandoned you. But HOLD ON…God is there. He knows. He sees. The other part to Job’s story is that God revealed, God restored and God healed. God has already proven who He is if you just take the time to look at nature around you. Sometimes, though, you only truly understand who God really is through suffering. Sometimes it takes people failing you, or losing things that you believed you couldn’t live without to see God for who He really is. But the good news is that He can show Himself a healer in sickness, a strong tower in dangerous and deadly circumstances, and a friend when everyone else has left you. Ask Him those questions you think He can’t answer. Express the emotions you think He can’t handle. God is good beyond our understanding. He will not leave you if you ask Him to stand with you.


What do you think?

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