It’s not about you…

This week has been a good week. I’ve been spending time with my friends (and when I make friends they really count more as family). I usually spend time with my friends but this week, my dear friend is here on island for training and I got to see him for the first time in 4 years (If you remember Stone Cold…that’s the one). And seeing him be generous with my friends here on island – who he’d never met until now – made me realize something. Life is not about how independent and self-sufficient you can be. It’s about loving others the way God wants you to. I mean, intellectually I get these things. Intellectually, I understand what the Bible calls us to do. But it’s not until I see things like this in action that I understand them spiritually. Love is an action. It’s more than feelings. It’s a command from God. When you receive real love it can make you feel unworthy. But love isn’t about who’s worthy either. God is love. I don’t know why He loves us like He does…but He does. Personally, I’m grateful for that because I know for sure I would not be alive or even have come into this world had God not loved me. I thank God for my friends – my adopted family – who show me with their actions AND their words how to love.


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