Small but loved

Thursday afternoon I went for a run on one of the running trails where I work. If you’ve never been to Okinawa, let me tell you what it’s like…city in the midst of lush, tropical jungle. Seriously. And when you’re on a running trail in this type of weather and shrubbery, there’s no telling what you’ll encounter on your journey (like a snake, spider, 3-inch high snail, ferrot, etc).

God met me on my run again. Maybe it’s because I called on Jesus – loudly might I add – towards the end of the run. But He met me. And I felt very small all of a sudden. Not in a bad way…just in a real way. The path back seemed so far and I felt so small walking on the path I’d just run. I felt like I was just one small piece of God’s planet – but yet He still came and saw about me!

These past 6 months…*sigh*. That’s all I can say. But that afternoon, God was telling me that it was time to let that go, learn what He wanted me to learn and keep reaching for the mark. I had to be broken down so God could build me up to be the woman HE wants me to be. I had to be taught that a true servant of God serves despite their feelings of the people involved or the circumstances, or their situation. I had to be taught that joy has nothing to do with happiness. That joy is a result of my relationship with God. Happiness results from getting what I want. I had to learn that the joy of the Lord really is my strength and that I need to let Him work out my feelings so I can get back to that joy. I had to learn that sin is real and that it will not produce the life God wants you to have. I had to learn that God doesn’t want to be a part of my decisions…He wants to be the director and lord of my life.

So many things I had to learn – can’t list them all here without writing a book =). But God came and saw about me. I am small – so microscopic in this grand planet of life. But I am loved.


One thought on “Small but loved

  1. His grace is sufficient for you Afi. He knows you by name and He will pick you up when you are down but only if you allow Him to. He said come to me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. He is your Rock, your fortress and your strong tower.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your testimony. God bless.

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