I love to hear T.D. Jakes preach. I’m always sold on a “1-2-3, this is how you do this” sermon – like a true exhorter. But I also enjoy sermons that make you think harder and deeper, even if they don’t bring a step-by-step guide. T.D. Jakes always delivers that for me.

I was watching his podcast version of “Living on Purpose” and he referred to John 4:35, where Jesus tells the disciples that the harvest is white – i.e., ripe. T.D. Jakes was explaining that Jesus had to tell them the harvest was white because they didn’t know, and many people in their lives don’t know how good a situation, person thing really is until they leave that season in their lives. So true.

It got me to thinking…how many of us abort the things God Himself plants in us because Satan had you thinking it was the worst thing that ever happened to you? For example: that job you prayed for and begged God for (even if you knew it would only be temporary) is now the bane of your existence. You hate getting up in the morning and constantly find yourself thinking “If I have to do/say/put up with this more time…”. Then you quit without figuring out what the next step is. Or you prayed for and begged God for your spouse, and now everything they do grates on your last nerve. Then you find yourself separated on the way to a divorce.

Satan will turn your blessings into abortions if you let him lie to you. We’ll kill (abort) the things, relationships and experiences that are meant to bless us and give us life when we don’t know what we have. I know…sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re blessed when it seems like everything is going wrong or when you feel like you just can’t take it anymore.  The Bible says that the Lord’s blessings make you rich and add no sorrow. It doesn’t say those blessings never come with problems. The Bible also says that life is short and full of problems. But sometimes problems just come with life’s blessings. If you’re bound to have problems just because you’re alive, you may as well embrace them along with your blessings. Then thank God for blessing you in this problematic world and trust Him to get you through.


2 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. “sometimes problems just come with life’s blessings.” This statement rings true! Many times problems come just before the blessing. Still the perceived problem may be an obstacle or a hurdle that we need to clear to get to where God purpose for us.

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