People can do strange, sometimes bad things when they’re hungry. And hunger isn’t just physical. There are people in this world dying of spiritual hunger and thirst because they do not know God or the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What is sad is that many don’t even know they’re dying. I thank God that He kept me because it could be me out the streets with no physical shelter or food. It could be me with no spiritual shelter or food. It could me ravaged by demonic and satanic forces. But God kept me.

That reality has also made me keenly aware of the fact that there are so many needs in this world because people are hungry. The fact that all of my blessings are not just for my enjoyment and amusement. That God blessed me to bless others.

I’ll be straight up. I thought my business would be enough because I was finally doing what God created me to do. But there is more. So much more. I’ve been inspired once again to move. And I’m talking about the type of inspiration God gives you to keep you from sleeping good at night until you finally just do what He told you to do.

I don’t know where exactly this is going to take me, but for God I’ve learned to just say “Yes, Lord…I’ll go”.

“When I was hungry you fed me…”, Matthew 25:35


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