If you know, do it…

James 4:17, NLT: “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”

I’ll never praise or bow to Satan, but I have to admit…he’s good at what he does. But when you finally get a good understanding of who God is, read your bible, pray and stay with God no matter how much you mess up…Satan’s competence cannot destroy you.  I once heard a pastor’s wife say “Satan is always looking for his next paycheck. Don’t be the reason he gets paid”. Everyone thought it was funny, but it’s true. He knows his clientele and and prospects very well. He knows you don’t want to travel to church in the rain, sit throuh a sermon in pain, be kind to the difficult family member, share the gospel in that rough neighborhood, or share the gospel sometimes with anyone at all because you don’t want to look like a holy roller. And if you give in to how you feel, he’ll have you looking a hot mess, then have you in the hot mess of hell.

But God is great. He’ll have you doing things you never thought you COULD do, then give you more than what you asked for. He’ll make you feel and look like a completely different person. He’ll have you promoting the message that He’s a God of a second chance because you’ll tell anybody about how he changed YOU. And all you have to do is do better once you know better. That doesn’t mean you won’t slip up or back, but if you make the resolve to just do better – you will.


2 thoughts on “If you know, do it…

  1. Are we ready, willing and able to do what God has asked us to do? Many of us are ready and willing but are not able. Still some of us are able, but we are not ready nor willing. If we keep our hearts and mind on the will of God, we will keep the devil away.
    Nice post Afi! It undoubtedly has me thinking.

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