Does obedience always hurt?

So I’m finally at the point where I WANT to be obedient. But here lately, it seems to involve doing things I cannot understand. And when I don’t understand something, I tend to not know what exactly I’m supposed to do to achieve the goal. So then I do it, then wonder if what I did was really what He told me to do. Crazy, right?

I think I make God laugh when I give him the poo-poo “Do I really have to do that?” face. But then again, maybe He doesn’t think it’s funny. Maybe He just wants me to trust Him and get over my little feelings. Because every time – and I mean EVERY TIME – I’ve done something He told me to do and I didn’t want to do it, it was to my benefit. But sometimes it just hurts. To the point where I wonder – will being obedient always hurt?

So what do you do when you’ve already decided to obey God…then He tells you to do something that makes you wonder if He really told you to do it? I’m inclined to say just trust Him and do it, but I’ll have to let you know when I get there myself. Until then, just trust that God won’t leave you.


2 thoughts on “Does obedience always hurt?

  1. There are two voices to choose from-the voice of God, and the voice of the devil. There is nothing confusing about God’s voice, but I cannot say the same about the devil’s.

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