Thirst runs deep

I can look back on my time in the military and see how where I was geographically matched where I was in my spiritual life. My first tour I was always out on the open seas. Perhaps that’s why I always felt like I was going down…sinking, about to drown. After that I went to Okinawa…a jungle on a rock. It was my time to finally realize that when God is for you, no scheme can overcome you. I finally learned that the Lord is my light and my salvation – therefore, I don’t have reason to be afraid.

And now I’m in the desert. And it gives a whole new meaning to Psalm 91. I am not too proud to rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Because every time I forget to, it’s not long before the heat and lack of moisture in the air wears me out – literally and spiritually.

If you’ve ever been thirsty you know it’s a desperate feeling. You feel like life itself is being sucked out of you. And here…if you’re not near water – well, it’s easy to panic. It’s easy to panic when you feel like the people you love can’t give you what you need. It’s easy to panic when you don’t see the resources you need within your reach. It’s easy to panic when you know danger is close by.

But God showed me something today (which I’m sure many believers know). He showed me that the abundant life happens both quickly and over time, and that it will never happen when we depend on people and things to do for us what only He can do. I can imagine the woman at the well getting so frustrated with Jesus talking about living water when he didn’t even have anything to draw water out of the physical well they were next to. I can imagine it because I’m like that. I sometimes get frustrated with riddles…out with it already! But I need God. I want everlasting life, I want the abundant life here on earth, and I want this living water. It’s a shame I had to come to a desert to finally come to this realization. But I’m here and I need more of Him.


3 thoughts on “Thirst runs deep

  1. Hallelujah! One of my recent posts titled, “Don’t be afraid”. Jesus put in a surprise visit on a bunch of frightened disciples who were on a boat that which got caught in a terrible storm. His advice to them, “it is I, be not afraid”. There are some things we cannot do for ourselves. Why not give them to the person we know can do them for us–Jesus. He is always there beside us, with outstretch arms; waiting.
    Thanks so much Afi, for sharing this gem of a post with us. May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.

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