Wild at heart

“God is a spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality)” John 4: 24, AMP

In my prayer time sometime this past week, God said “It’s time to worship me in spirit and in truth”. I didn’t know what that meant. I googled the scripture and looked for sermons on sermoncentral.com. I got a better understanding. But it’s so amazing how I read my AMP bible version of this right before I wrote this post (when I usually read NLT) – because it uses the word reality.

The reality is that I’m wild at heart. And not in a negative way. It’s more like I have to do the things God put in my spirit, in my heart. And right now, He’s calling me to worship Him – in a very real way, not like I have before. I didn’t know when I was younger that I was searching for God. I didn’t know that He was there, waiting for me to finally “get it”, waiting for me to fall in love with Him. But I’m getting it now. And I have to worship Him. I have to give HIM everything that is in my heart – freely, with abandon, with no shame, no fear. I’ve held that part of me back from other people a lot – thank God – but with HIM, I don’t have to.

I wish I had known this before. But it’s better late than never.


What do you think?

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