I felt like my life had just fallen apart. I wasn’t fired from a job. I wasn’t dumped or suddenly abandoned. I had my health. I had means to support myself. I had friends and family. But here I was feelings like my life had fallen apart. I had just incurred a loss I knew I would incur one day. I just didn’t know how or when. I also didn’t know how badly it would hurt me to my core. It’s amazing how alone you really are in this place. Alone with God.

During this time, someone who’s known me a very long time noticed my struggle with a certain issue…she asked me to let her pray over me. When she talked to me about her struggle with the same thing I realized I’d given up hope that God could “do it for me”. I realized I believed in God, believed He was my savior and redeemer – but had resigned from hoping He would heal me like He’d healed the bleeding woman.

She prayed over me, and I am healed and on the way to restoration. Just like that. Of course there’s more to it. But it really did happen just like that. I dared to hope again God showed up for me. This is why I do what I do. I want people to know the God I love, worship and follow. I want people to know that when their life is shattered God can pick up the pieces and make a beautiful mosaic. And when the world sees it, they will know it couldn’t have been anyone but God who put it together.


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