I fell in love with Dubai…I think because it was my first real liberty port. Either way, I would definitely go back on my own dime if I ever got the chance.

Okay, so the first thing that threw me was the traditional clothing all of the local women wore. See the woman’s head right in front of the stage? All of the women I saw were in some variation of their head cover AND they were covered from head to toe – with their face out. One woman I saw was completely covered.


The Suks were my first experience in haggle shopping. I hadn’t quite gotten down the “It’s too expensive” act, so my efforts didn’t really work like I wanted them to. But the actual shopping malls so made up for it. I’ve never seen any shopping malls like the ones in Dubai.


Boat ride back to the ship.




I was terrified the first time I went out into Dubai. I thought I’d get lost, miss ship’s movement or get declared a deserter and get left behind.


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