So in the movie The Color Purple (and in the novel) Shug Avery says to Celie – “I think it piss God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t even notice it”. When I visited Kyoto last November, I knew exactly what she meant. It was cold, my body was tired…but the city was breathtaking. Every living plant or tree that had leaves were red, orange or gold mixed with green. I felt God’s spirit pushing me to witness more of what He created.

I’m fortunate that I visited Kyoto on a tour. I definitely would have gotten lost on the subway system.


This was a deer park on the way to one of the shrines we visited. This deer almost punked me for my banana. I would have gladly given it up. I don’t do deers.


A male geisha…enough said.





These are some of the people I met on the tour. We had a great time and tore it up!



I had my portrait painted in the tower. Soooooo romantic.





This was the view from the tower.





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