Okinawa has been my home for the past few years. I will always remember my time here fondly. I grew a lot spiritually because it’s so quiet and life is so slow here. Sometimes I could feel God hovering over this island. I’m glad I came. I believe this place is one of God’s best-kept secrets. I’ve come a long way from when I had something like a panic attack because I couldn’t imagine what I’d do on an island I could barely find on a map.

Okay…the fact that I was actually able to go to a free Erykah Badu concert…*fabulous*. She was in voice and sounded amazing. Her level of creativity and artistry…divine.


I’ve been spoiled. This is what relaxation spas are like here. You spend a few hours in a pool like this, have lunch, then go get a massage – all in one place.



I’ll miss the food here the most. It’s fresh, clean and healthy. I might take an Okinawan cooking course before I leave or get a cookbook with some Okinawan recipes.



So this was only a tourist dinner show. But it was still good to experience. Okinawan theater entertainment is a lot different from what we do back home.




What do you think?

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