Tokyo was great. It reminded me a lot of New York, but the people are quiet and non-threatening. I’d never been on a public transportation system by myself before, but it was very easy to navigate. Then again, I had high motivation – I was trying to find the fabric distric…

…And boy did I find it. Imagine a street that’s about 5 miles long with nothing but stores that sell fabric. It’s a sewer’s dream. I went back 3 times.


The fashion was what I loved most about Tokyo. If women anywhere else in the world wore what women in Japan wore…it wouldn’t work. We’d look a hot mess. But Japanese women wear what they want and it works. This thew me for a loop though. I almost missed the picture opportunity because I couldn’t figure out if she was wearing a costume or if she was serious. Like, did she really seriously decide on the pink version of a Little Bo Peep get-up? I just have never seen anything like it before. But it worked for her.

This was the hotel we stayed in – The New Sanno. It was Christmas time, so they had decorations everywhere.






Again, the fashion is one of a kind. But it works!


What do you think?

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